Christianity means community through Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ (Dietrich Bonhoeffer).

Lincoln Square Presbyterian Church (LSPC) small groups exist for the purpose of strengthening our walk in Christ by being purposeful Christian Communities.

Why Small Groups?

We believe that God made us to be in relationship with others. The value of strong relationships reminds us that our faith is not just an individual activity, but participation in a family. Sin brings separation (with God, with others, and with self), but the gospel brings reconciliation. Therefore, relationships are the context in which we grow, measure and experience the grace of Christ.

Small groups are intentional communities that seek to live out the Christian life together – they read Scripture, pray for one another, develop meaningful friendships and care for one another’s needs.

We hope that everyone at LSPC finds a group to be a part of. We hope that such groups are places where we can continually study and encounter God’s Word and support one another as we seek to let the grace of Christ give shape to our lives.

Joining a Group

Our groups normally meet in someone’s home (in Lincoln Square or one of the surrounding neighborhoods). The groups either meet weekly or biweekly, normally for about an hour and half (time together socially, studying Scripture and praying together).

If you would like to join a group you can email Pastor Chad Lewis.

Resources for Leaders

View the Recommended Resources page to find suggested resources for small group curriculum.