Small Groups

We believe that God made us to be in relationship with others. The value of strong relationships reminds us that our faith is not just an individual activity, but participation in a family. Sin brings separation (with God, with others, and with self), but the gospel brings reconciliation. Therefore, relationships are the context in which we grow, measure and experience the grace of Christ.

Small groups are intentional communities that seek to live out the Christian life together – they read Scripture, pray for one another, develop meaningful friendships and care for one another’s needs.

You can sign-up to be in a group in August and January. We ask that you commit to faithfully attend your group for the academic year (Sept-May).

Open Group: There is an open bible study that meets on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm in the Community Space (4639 N Rockwell) beginning September 24 thru October. This fall we will study the book of Philippians. No need to sign-up. All are welcome.

If you are interested in small groups or for more questions please contact Pastor Brian.

Discipleship Cohort

Discipleship has always involved intentional community around spiritual practices like worship, learning, and service. The cohort will engage these disciplines while cultivating friendship, engaging our own stories, and fostering vulnerability as we grow together around the gospel. Each cohort will consist of 6 to 8 people, meeting 8 times (see outline below). Times will be determined by the availability of the participants. If you are interested or for more questions please contact Pastor Brian.

Outline for the 8 weeks as follows: 1- Meal and expectations; 2- Gospel and your identity; 3- Formation of a Disciple (prayer and reading the scriptures); 4- Formation of a Disciple (worship and community); 5- Engaging Brokenness (honesty, confession, and the emotional life); 6- Engaging Brokenness (forgiveness and repair); 7- Who is my Neighbor?; 8- Shared group experience of engagement in the community (group decides).

Women’s Bible Study: Thursday Morning

Women’s bible study meets on Thursday mornings at 10am in the Community Space (fall through the spring). All are welcome to join. Contact Paula Moore with questions.

Theology on Tap

Theology on Tap meets at the Rockwell Grill (4632 N Rockwell) on the last Monday night of the month. All are welcome to attend as we discuss a theological topic together. Questions please contact Pastor Brian.