At Lincoln Square Presbyterian Church, we believe in the good news of God’s grace that God in Christ by the power of His Spirit is remaking us into new women and new men who look like Jesus. Now many questions emerge as God’s people seek to participate in God’s work in the world in light of this gospel of God’s grace. How do I love my neighbor? What does it mean to identify with my neighborhood? Why should I be generous with my resources? What claim does Jesus make on my vocation and work?

Christian Education is one space at LSPC where we seek to engage these questions. Christian Education classes occur for five weeks in the fall leading up to Advent and in the winter during the season of Lent. The classes meet from 9:00 to 10:00 before the worship service.

The class this fall is "Coming to the Table: LSPC's School of Being" in which we will explore the values of the church through the lens of the table. The class begins October 16 and lasts until November 13. All are welcome.

Some of the previous Christian Education classes include:
"Reading the Story of Scripture"
"Practicing Hope: Praying with the Psalms"
"Open Hands From a Full Heart: Living the Generous Gospel"
"Hospitality and Strangers"
"Fear: Our Loves, God's Grace, and Fearing Rightly"

For more information contact Pastor Erik.