Lincoln Square Presbyterian’s Children’s Ministry exists to encourage parents in the spiritual care, learning and growth of their children. We see our programs as the tangible means by which our community participates in the covenantal vows made during each child’s baptism.

The ministry is supervised by Pastor Chad Lewis, coordinated by Melinda McNally, and accomplished through the work of faithful volunteers from our body. Children’s Ministry serves children from birth through 5th grade.

Nursery (Ages 0-3)

Children are cared for by our nursery staff of back-ground checked nursery workers and church volunteers. Nursery children play together and have a snack. Toddlers are encouraged to grow spiritually through the presentation of a Bible lesson, craft, and other related activities. The nursery is open from 10–11:45 a.m.

Preschool Class (Ages 3-4)

The Preschool class incorporates a Bible lesson, coloring, singing and prayer time. The children play together and have a snack during the class as well. The class is led by a member of our Children's Ministry staff and supported with church volunteers.

Children's Worship (Ages 5-8)

Children’s Worship starts 15 minutes after the the worship service begins (children are dismissed from the service). Children’s Worship time includes singing, praying, taking an offering and listening to God’s Word from the Old and New Testaments. Children’s Worship builds a Biblical foundation for children, which points to God’s plan for redemption through Christ as it unfolds through Scripture. After each lesson, children respond by answering questions and participating in a craft or project.

Each quarter, children are taught a special lesson about the Lord’s Supper or communion. On the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month, children return to the worship service to witness the sacrament of communion with their families.

Older Children (Ages 8+)

Older children meet in the north hallway on the second, fourth, and fifth Sundays of each month.  Children participate in a Bible Study using the series The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study (Starr Meade).  Older children also take part in a memory program that includes the Apostles Creed, Books of the Bible, and other selected passages.

On the first and third Sundays of the month, these older children are encouraged to attend the adult worship service with their families.

Sunday School (Ages 4+)

Sunday School is held at designated times throughout the school year.  Lessons include helpful take-home guides and information for parents along with meaningful review activities.

Kids’ Week (Ages 4+)

Kids’ Week (Vacation Bible School) includes Bible lessons, music, a missions project, special crafts, outside play and fun snacks. Children four years of age and older are welcome to attend and children under four may attend if accompanied by a parent. Kids’ Week is held at Waters School for one week each summer.

Child Safety

To insure the safety of all involved in our Children’s Ministry, every program follows our Child Protection Policy, which outlines basic guidelines and procedures for our workers. This policy is not a legal contract, but rather a commitment to parents, reassuring them that we take seriously, and approach with great care, the time we spend with their child. We encourage every parent to review a copy of this policy; copies may be obtained from Melinda McNally.

Serve and Participate

  • Teach or help with the Children’s Worship program.
  • Prepare and maintain materials for the Children’s Worship program.
  • Teach of help with Children’s Sunday School.
  • Help care for young children in the Nursery.
  • Organize and gather nursery materials and supplies.
  • Volunteer to help with Kids’ Week.
  • Volunteer to lead children in singing.

Contact Melinda McNally to serve with the Children’s Ministry.