How do we love and serve the city? One of the primary ways we can serve our great city is to plant worshiping communities that are embodying and proclaiming the gospel of Christ.

The current church plant work is in the Austin/Oak Park Area. LSPC is thankful to be partnering with Covenant Presbyterian in this new work. You can read about the work and the church planting pastor, Jeff Schneider

LSPC is committed to church planting because the gospel of Christ, when faithfully proclaimed, received, and lived, leads to men, women, and families being gathered into communities. The gospel has the power to not only reconcile us to God but also to tear down walls of hostility and isolation between humans. Christ draws us together into a new community – a community in which we receive the names “brother and sister;” a community not marked by ethnicity, economics, or other social categories but by the ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Spirit seeks to work within us to form communities that not only proclaim the truth but also live it – people gathered together learning what it means to love, forgive, repent, share resources, and ultimately open their lives to one another.

The gospel forms communities and it moves those communities to look beyond themselves to serve others – to ask how they can love and serve not only friends and fellow Christians but all their neighbors. Church planting is a natural outcome of a community experiencing the gospel of Christ. It is a church that is asking how it can use its gifts and resources to love others. It is a group of people being compelled by the grace of God into mission.

We hope to continually seek God’s leading in how we can be part of what he is doing in our neighborhood, our city, and the world. We pray that we can share our gifts and resources with other places and neighborhoods as new gospel communities are started.

If you have questions about this vision or would like to join in this work please contact Pastor Chad Lewis.